Does Your Robotics Team Have the All Around Package?

By: Erin Reiels on August 9th, 2014

roboticsRobots are becoming more familiar in the manufacturing world because it’s able to perform tasks automatically, capable of changing the program, able to move at least three axes of motion, and used for many different purposes. Robots are more reliable since they’re programmed to act quickly and precise.

Our nearby high schools are very involved in the Robotics Club and are always ready to compete. One of the most intense competitions is the First Robotics Competition.  2014 First Robotics Competition had over 2,700 teams attend. These robots were built in six weeks from a common kit of parts provided by FIRST and typically weighed around 150 pounds.

The challenge was to get your robot to pick up a large three feet diameter ball from the ground and throw it ten feet high or roll the ball into a lower box. However, the challenge isn’t just about throwing the ball; the judges are looking for the all around package. This means that the judges are looking to see if the robot is structured properly and if it operates well without any complications. Once the judging is completed… let the games begin!

Three robots are selected at random whom then are expected to work together as a team. The teams score is represented on how well they work with their new teammates. Once this is completed, the top eight groups are chosen to compete in the final round! This final round is when the eight teams have to create alliances with each other to create diversity. Each robotic team have to plan, pick teams, and create a strategic plan.

GenMet sponsors several robotics teams; one being Port Washington High School Robotics Club, who came back with the “Rookie Inspiration” award which is awarded to a rookie team that demonstrates outstanding effort in community outreach and recruiting students to engineering. Congratulations!