Forming Press Brakes

GenMet has seven press brakes and 1 folding machine, with a variety of forming capability up to 220 tons and 13 feet in length.The materials we can handle in our forming press brakes include:

  • Mild Steel 24 ga x 13 feet* to 1 inch thick x 12 inches wide
  • Stainless Steel 24 ga x 13 feet* to ¾ inch thick x 12 inches wide
  • Aluminum .020” thick x 13 feet* to 1 inch thick x 12 inches wide

GenMet has invested in state-of-the-art, highly accurate Cincinnati Press Brakes with precision ground and hardened forming dies. Members of our forming department recommended moving to new press brakes (after attending an FMTS Tool Show) in order to reduce setup times, decrease setup piece scrap, and increase forming accuracy allowing us to adhere easily to the tight geometric tolerances some of our customers require.

Our setup times (defined as the time between start of setup until our first piece “blue tagged” part is accepted by a certified quality at the source operator) have been reduced from an average of 45 minutes to a new average of under ten minutes. These new setup times and almost nonexistent set-up piece scrap have allowed GenMet to efficiently and cost effectively reduce batch sizes to support Just In Time production schedules of some of our customers.

Our Schröder Folding Machine has a 10 foot bed allows to produce consistent large or compound radii forming capability.  A couple example parts are displayed in the scroll above.

In addition to our new 90-ton and 135-ton Cincinnati press brakes, we also have acquired a new 40-ton Finn Power E-Brake. This E-Brake is very fast and highly accurate. Smaller, light gage parts can be formed on this brake press quickly, leaving our larger machines for heavier parts.

Our Komatsu, Wysong, Chicago, and LVD  press brakes are used primarily when bottom forming is required or specially manufactured forming dies are made necessary by part configurations not supported by standard tooling