We are pleased to assure our customers that all their parts go through a thorough laser inspection. Our newest inspection machine – Virtek – is an advanced, rapid, 2D laser quality inspection tool.

We use Virtek for 2D inspection, Flat Part, Sheet Metal Inspection, Gasket Inspection, Quality Control Inspection, first article inspection, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and reverse engineering of 2D materials. As the laser scans the part, the outline appears in real time on the computer screen. In seconds the scanned part can be automatically compared to the corresponding CAD file with any variances outside pre-set tolerances highlighted in color. If required, LaserQC can even automatically create detailed inspection.

GenMet has a capability to inspect parts right on the shop floor, in the flat, before value is added to the part. There are numerous variables that can contribute to a failed flat part – the wrong tool, programming errors, incorrect gas mix and many more. By inspecting the first piece of a production run, costly rework becomes a thing of the past at GenMet.