Enclosures in Every Size and Shape

GenMet fabricates enclosures of various sizes, shapes and functions for the medical, electronics, and truck industries. Examples include control front panels, dash panel back covers, louvered doors, access panels, roofs, corners, wall panels, receiver enclosures, mixer cab boxes, center posts, end panels, air baffle panels and cab control enclosure. GenMet’s ventilated enclosures were designed with power components such as reactors and capacitors in mind. Each enclosure can serve either Nema Type1 indoor or Type 3R outdoor applications.

Unique Features include:

  • ♦Suitable for use either indoor or outdoor (Type 1 or Type 3R) applications
  • ♦Optimized for line reactors and power factor capacitors
  • ♦Suitable for a variety of electrical / electronic equipment or components
  • ♦Optional mounting panels available for either bottom or back mounting
  • ♦Flow through ventilation allows efficient dissipation of internally generated heat

Standard Product Lines


Custom enclosures: contact us to design and produce an enclosure for your specific needs.