Company Policy

GenMet’s Company Policy

Superior Safety, Quality and On Time Delivery

Supported by Employee Led Continuous Improvement and State of the Art Technology

Resulting in Profitable, Long Term Relationships.


ISO Certified

ITAR Certified

A Woman-Owned Small Business



 GenMet is dedicated to following lean manufacturing practices to reduce waste and improve overall customer value. GenMet team members are continuously trained on lean manufacturing principles which play a critical role in maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Eric Isbister, GenMet’s CEO, serves on the advisory boards of MSOE, WCTC, Associated Industries of the Blind, and Beyond Vision. He credits GenMet’s success to lean manufacturing practices as well as the team culture. “Every GenMet team member adds value to our organization,” explains Eric Isbister. “Purchasing high-tech equipment is only beneficial if you have the culture to make the machines profitable. Our team environment is evident throughout every level of our organization, starting at the very top.”

Mary Isbister, GenMet’s President, serves on Milwaukee’s Next Generation Manufacturing Council, MMAC’s Council of Small Business Executives, and Boards of the MMAC, the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership and Milwaukee Area Technical College.  “Manufacturers must continually innovate and find new ways to add value and create products that are not easily replicated by low-wage overseas competitors.”

ISO Certified

GenMet’s  ISO 9001 certification provides the structure for building processes and supporting continuous improvement and employee involvement.  GenMet’s documented ISO processes are infused into the company’s training and culture. “Some companies are ISO certified due to external pressures from their customers,” Isbister states. “We became ISO certified because we believed the process would help us continuously improve our operations.  Attracting new customers as a result of our certification is a secondary benefit — a spin-off of the improvement process.”

“The external ISO auditor complimented our staff for knowing exactly what to do,” Eric recalls. “Our employees weren’t nervous during the auditing process. They had documented their own procedures in each area, so they felt confident when answering questions and describing our various operations.”

A Woman-Owned Small Business

GenMet is a Woman-Owned Small Business.