GenMet is very involved in the community, but it’s not done for the recognition; GenMet does it to help student’s further their success and take manufacturing to a whole new level. We want to be involved, and hope to see more schools in the future so that we can show how cool and complex manufacturing is. We also explain to students that college isn’t for everyone. We are expected to go to college right after high school, but college is not cut out for all. Many times it’s a disappointment to parents whose kids do not attend; however, these students can be just as successful in the manufacturing world as they would be in the college graduate world.

Most businesses would not even consider letting students work if they are under 18; however, we believe that if younger students want a head start in their careers, we want to be there to help reach their goals. Our employee’s want to inspire students and teach them what we know because these students are our future. Everyone brings different ideas to the table; therefore, we work together to combine our ideas to create one product.

We will continue to be involved with our community, and hope that we will see many new faces along the way who will have many new ideas!