Making Stuff is Cool

The career path is endless

“Making stuff is cool! Manufacturing combines technology and innovation with human talents and capabilities to produce amazing results. Manufacturing defines this country and provides people with an opportunity to make a difference –no matter how big or small. The people, the passion, the commitment to success keeps me challenged each and every day.” – Missy Propper

Click here to see a video of the most recent Manufacturing Day student visits: Manufacturing Day 2019

Wisconsin is a leader in manufacturing for the entire United States; however, the United States is in danger of losing its edge and may soon fall behind other countries in Engineering, Innovation and Manufacturing. There is a significant economic multiplier effect for every dollar spent in manufacturing. $1.43 goes into the coommunity for each $1.00 spent in manufacturing. Manufacturing grows communities and provides safe, stable, family supporting careers. Many people today don’t truly know what advanced manufacturing is. They are not aware of the variety and diversity of career oppertunities in and surrounding manufacturing. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to advanced manufacturing, and share with you why we believe Making Stuff is Cool!

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GenMet is involved with hundreds of students throughout the community, wanting to inspire more students each day. Most aren’t aware of how complex and amazing manufacturing is, due to old stereotypes. We are able to create anything from truck parts to things you see on a daily basis. Making Stuff is Cool was created to show students how amazing manufacturing is and to show the plethora of opportunities that manufacturing gives you. As technology continues to grow and change, manufacturing has evolved into a high tech industry. We want to present to students that you can continue to excel while building a stronger comprehension of math, excellent problem-solving skills, and computer literacy. The next generation of manufacturing talent must be made up of the best and brightest students.  Making stuff is cool and we are look forward to hearing new ideas from this year’s students!