Optional Accessories


   Internal Mounting Panels                      Floor/Pad Mounting Kits

  Internal Mounting Panels

Select from a variety of internal mounting panel choices for mounting components in either the vertical or horizontal plane. Choose from a full size, half size or quarter size panel, or combine two or more panels. Typical color of interior panels is white, but
gray is also available.

 Mounting Base (Floor/Pad Mount Brackets)

064 copy2No Extra Bases copy2Optional Mounting Base is available for floor or pad mounting needs. The floor mount adds 6 inches of height – lots of room for securing to a pad.

Extended Height

Tall versions of our enclosures are available upon request. Selecting the Tall version will add 6 inches of height and proportionately more ventilation louvers.

Modifications Available

• Knock-outs for conduit entry,
• Holes for amps, controls indicators, etc.
• Mounting panels with pre-punched holes
• More louvers for improved ventilation
• White or other enclosure color