Ventilated Indoor/Outdoor Enclosures

Excellent for Electrical Power Components
GenMet Type 1/3R enclosures are dual purposeenclosure3 and can serve both indoor and outdoor applications. They are specially constructed with ventilation louvers as a convenient metal enclosure for a variety of electrical power components including line reactors, AC power factor capacitors and more.

Optional Mounting Panels Available
GenMet offers various mounting panels for mounting components either on a vertical or horizontal mounting panel. Choose from a full size, half sizeor quarter size panel, or for added convenience, you may combine both a bottom plus a back pane



Customization Available

GenMet will customize enclosures to fit yourneeds. Whether you need external holes for mounting of controls, indicators etc, or if you need pre-punched holes in the mounting panels, GenMet can accommodate many adaptations. Tall versions of our enclosures are also available upon request. The louver arrangement can also be modified in order to accommodate actual internal watts loss.

Ideal for Reactors or Capacitors

4Bottom mounting plates are available for mounting line reactors or filter reactors into the enclosure. Capacitors may be mounted either on a back panel or bottom panel. These enclosures will accommodate either cylindrical or rectangular capacitors. GenMet engineers can work with you to design optional panels with pre-punched hole patterns to meet your needs.