Grill Spatulas made with GenMet

GenMet worked with Bradley Tech High School to make grill spatulas.



Grill spatulas made with GenMet

By Mr Sommer


CollageBradleyTechJune 26th, 2014-GenMet, a steel manufacturing company dedicated to training high school and college students in manufacturing, partnered with Bradley Tech’s entrepreneurship program in the design plans and GenMet used its advanced machining tools to cut the spatula blanks from stainless steel sheets. Bradley Tech students ground the edge, bent the handle, polished the steel, and made customized laser-engraved wooden handles. GenMet received the first 100 spatulas.
Students will make, market and sell more spatulas when they return to school in September. It will be one of the products promoted with the upcoming Future Business Leaders of America club, which will collaborate with each Bradley Tech shop class in creating and making something useful that can generate a profit.

Many thanks to GenMet, and its president, Eric Isbister, who serves on the Bradley Tech manufacturing advisory board. GenMet is providing expertise in helping Tech establish methods of quality control, and team-oriented techniques that promote efficiency and increase productivity.