GenMet, Rockwell execs to lead Walker’s work force council

Mary Isbister, GenMet president, now chairs the governor’s Council on Workforce Investment and is vice chair of the national Manufacturing Council.


GenMet, Rockwell execs to lead Walker’s work force council

By:Jeff Engel



010413_ROP_MaryIsbister_GenMet04-304May 3rd, 2013-Mary Isbister, GenMet Corp. president, will succeed former Bucyrus International Inc. CEO Tim Sullivan as chair of Gov. Scott Walker’s Council on Workforce Investment.

The advisory panel helps guide Walker’s agenda to prepare workers to find jobs. Sullivan spearheaded the council last year, while he served as a volunteer consultant for the state on work force development issues. Sullivan’s efforts resulted in the high-profile report on tackling Wisconsin’s skills gap that heavily influenced legislation Walker signed in March to help train workers on the skills needed to fill open positions, particularly in manufacturing.

Isbister was vice chair last year. She is also currently vice chair of the Manufacturing Council, which advises the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on manufacturing issues, and is on the board of the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

Mike Laszkiewicz, vice president and general manager of Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation Inc.’s power control business, will serve as vice chair of the Council on Workforce Investment. Laszkiewicz also currently serves as the chair of the Manufacturing Council.

Oddly enough, the offices of Isbister and Laszkiewicz are located down the street from each other in Mequon.

“As we look to target substantial investments to develop the work force and help Wisconsinites successfully pursue family-supporting careers and find true independence, the Council on Workforce Investment will provide valuable input with representatives from business, education, legislative and other key groups,” Walker said.

The council is a federally mandated body that advises the governor and state Department of Workforce Development on the allocation of federal work force development funding. The council approves the annual Workforce Investment Act plan required of all states, in tandem with Wisconsin’s 12 autonomous work force investment boards.

The membership of the council includes state legislators, local elected officials and members of youth organizations, organized labor and community groups.

The new council is expected to meet in May. Click here for more information on the council.