General MetalWorks Corp.: Future 50 Master Mettle Winner

From Small Business Times – Sept 17, 2007

Location: 10245 North Enterprise Dr., Mequon, WI 53092
Year founded: 1993
Product or service offered: Metal fabrication.
Projected 2007 revenue:
$12 million


Leadership team: Mary Isbister, president; Tom Hagen, vice president; Charles Minor, quality manager; Morris Wolfe, production manager; Melissa Propper, purchasing manager; and William Mahnke, shipping manager.

Target clientele: Original equipment manufacturers needing fabrications of steel, aluminum and Stainless Steel, less than half-inch thickness. Additonally the point-of-purchase Industry.
What has fueled your company’s growth? Superior safety, quality and on-time delivery, supported by employee-led continuous improvement and state of the art technology, resulting in profitable, long-term customer relationships. ISO 9001 and 2000 Certified in 2007.

What is the biggest obstacle to your company’s growth? Finding adequate numbers of the right perspective employees who match the quality requirements and work ethic of our culture.

Do you plan any changes in your company in the upcoming months? We plan to continue our growth.

Who are the business people, locally or nationally, whom you admire? And what traits do those people exhibit that make you admire them? Jack Welch of GE, who built a culture of training and performance followed by reward. Colin Powell: Train, motivate and equip to succeed. Set high standards. No one wants to be part of a mediocre organization. Larry Bossidy: All employees need to know that the requirements are going to continuously increase.

What is the outlook for the business conditions of your industry over the next several months? The future outlook for General MetalWorks is excellent.