2014 STEP Award Honorees

Much of the company’s recent success and growth is due to her efforts.


EAE1EEBE7DE34B46AEC52D735005725C.ashx“Making stuff is cool! Manufacturing combines technology and innovation with human talents and capabilities to produce amazing results. Manufacturing defines this country and provides people with an opportunity to make a difference –no matter how big or small. The people, the passion, the commitment to success keeps me challenged each and every day.”

Missy has grown into her role as Director from her beginnings in order entry. Throughout her career, she has participated in every department and held most roles in the organization, which has allowed her to develop a depth and breadth that are integral in decision-making. Much of the company’s recent success and growth is due to her efforts. She is a respected leader who is committed to LEAN manufacturing supported by training and performance monitoring.

She has fostered a corporate culture that makes the organization a great place to work, and is an ambassador to the community and to students to share the importance of manufacturing and ensure that top talent is nurtured. She has developed a mentorship system and instituted open houses and tours for students. She also collaborates at the state and local level to ensure the quality of technical programs for students. Through her efforts, Missy is having significant impact on narrowing the skills gap that will lead to increased focus on manufacturing in our schools and continue to contribute to America’s greatness.